Ubisoft Compensates For Honor Players After DDoS Attacks

mmocs | 31 July, 2018 00:09

FH Steel Credits Ubisoft has compensated For Honor players who had their gaming interrupted by DDoS attacks that took place last week.The attacks took place throughout the week and targeted several Ubisoft games For Honor included. Far Cry 5 and others also had their servers affected with players unable to connect to the games and while Ubisoft said that it was working on fixing the issues it wasn’t until later that the company confirmed DDoS attacks were the cause of the issues.

Now that the issues have been resolved Ubisoft is making up for the time lost in For Honor with some Steel an experience boost and some free crates to hopefully pull some worthwhile loot from. Ubisoft shared the news on Twitter as well as the game’s forums to fill players in on what they’d be receiving.

It was said back when the tweet was first shared that players on the PC platform had already the compensation items while others on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One would get theirs later but all players should now have the Steel and other items waiting for them.Buy FH Steel Credits Other players responded with appreciation for Ubisoft’s decision to compensate players for something that wasn’t even within the company’s control due to the server issues stemming from the DDoS attacks.


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