Neverwinter: The Heart of Fire also brings an overhaul to professions

mmocs | 20 May, 2019 23:28

Neverwinter: The Heart of Fire also brings an overhaul to professions. With this expansion, adventurers will see that their hard work in the game has not gone unnoticed. Starting at level 20, The Seven Suns Coster Market allows adventurers to purchase their very own workshop! Furthermore, the workshop will allow artisans to be hired that will gather resources and craft item from the completely reworked and more personalized professions system. Additionally, Neverwinter: The Heart of Fire has changed they way adventurers acquire Astral Diamonds! This coveted currency is earned directly through dungeon delves as well as completing content. Dungeon Chest Keys are no longer required to open chests, with keys being converted into tokens for free end-of-dungeon re-rolling! Finally, the salvage feature has been removed completely with this update.

Once obtaining level 15, adventurers will gain access to the new content. As expected, Acquisitions Incorporated’s own style of humor can be found everywhere within the expansion. The Heart of Fire will challenge adventurers to seek out an old relic from Dungeons & Dragons’ past; the Heart of Fire. However; in order to obtain the Heart of Fire, adventurers will have to assist Acquisitions Incorporated characters Omin Dran, and Jim Darkmagic. Fortunately, the wild campaign requires them to do dangerous tasks (otherwise you’d be pretty useless here). Players can expect to infiltrate a Beholder convention in a tank disguise, fulfilling the wishes of a mountain-sized giant from the deck of the company airship, along with, thwarting a heist at the Manycoins Bank in an all-new endgame skirmish!

Not only will Neverwinter: The Heart of Fire bring new story content to the game, it brings a slew of other content and updates as well. As mentioned before, once the adventurer gets past the internship stage with Acquisitions Incorporated, they will be afforded the opportunity to defend the Moneycoins Bank in a new skirmish. The objective is simple, defend the bank vault from Zhentarim intruders that seek all the riches of the Forgotten Realms.

Module 15 comes with a complete balancing pass that affects all classes. The devs overall tried to make lesser used powers and paths more viable, but also swung the nerf hammer hard on classes that they thought were overperforming. Certain builds of Devoted Clerics are getting the boot as well as the little stabbers known as Trickster Rogues. Other than that, most classes should experience a little more choices for the roles they are trying to fill. We’re not going to lie, balance will remain an issue in the game, and the devs already announced more changes for Module 16. So the stuff that we detailed in-depth below in most cases is only a step towards the intended goal. Finally, to enjoy all the features in the game, players can Buy NW Items from Mmocs at a reasonable price.

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