The gameplay in World of Warships is incredibly strong and impressive

mmocs | 25 April, 2019 04:14

Chasing a game with big guns, high seas and more salt in the breeze than in the chat log? In that case, World of Warships is for you. It’s the latest free-to-play foray into vehicular combat for Wargaming, best known for World of Tanks, and proves the old adage of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.While decidedly slower than World of Tanks or Warplanes, Warships still bears the classic signs of being a Wargaming game both in and out of gameplay. If you’ve played the other titles in the universe you’ll be familiar with Warships’ port screen. This is where all of the modules are applied to your ship and where you research new ships to do battle with. Commanders return too to buff your ship in different ways to hopefully give you an edge in combat.

The ships or vessels are inspired by some real-life war vessels and in between, they educate us on its history, which makes it a lot interesting. You can purchase ships using XP and research the vessel further later. For additional or premium ships, you will have to purchase more slots.The type of warships that you can purchase is Destroyer, Cruiser, Battleship and Aircraft Carriers. So far, only the US, Japan, and USSR are available, but they already have Tier 1 – 10 ships to choose from, which will take quite a while to research.

As ships are slightly different in terms of size and propulsion to tanks, though, that's where the similarities start to come apart. Slow, sluggish, and with more than a little bit of weight behind them, it soon becomes clear that getting your warship to go in the right direction will be half of the challenge in and of itself. Even though you start out with four light cruisers (one for each of the game's starter nations - America, Japan, the USSR and Germany), your ships are a long way from being nimble and responsive - instead, everything has to be planned in advance, and evasive manoeuvres don't exactly happen instantaneously. Best and Cheapest World of Warships Doubloons For Sale -

As similar as the games are, you are commanding a naval vessel now, so there’s more emphasis on thinking where you’re going. If you get all gung-ho without thinking about where torpedoes could be coming from or where the other team are, chances are you’ll feel the wrath of both. It’s a nice departure from hiding behind rocks and peeking ad nauseam; every movement you make needs to be more calculated. It’s not like you can just pump the brakes and immediately stop, so you need to plan ahead a bit, but not much more than an arcade game would make you.

Because World of Warships looks amazing, and for me it’s one of the best looking in the Wargaming series. The ship design is spectacular and the movement animations are just breathtaking, even the speed is extraordinary and realistic. At the same time, each battle is designed to offer players beautifully realistic visuals, with rockets and bullets flying everywhere. It’s the graphical fidelity that, for me, manages to add a lot of fidelity and uniqueness into the game. It’s a whole lot a of fun because of that. Sounds and music stay true to the WWII era and you can find a multitude of interesting ship sounds in World of Warships as well. Realism is definitely the key word here, and you will love the great way the WWII era is represented with World of Warships.

How to unlock the Dark Zone in The Division 2

mmocs | 10 April, 2019 22:34

If there is any single feature that could define The Division, it would be the Dark Zone. A weird blend of PvP and PvE, it manages to mix the uneasy alliances of older survival games like Rust and DayZ with the ruthless kill-or-be-killed atmosphere of modern battle royale games like Fortnite and Apex Legends.The Dark Zone has always been a highlight for the game, and, with The Division 2, the system has received a significant upgrade. Multiple zones, gear normalization, recon missions and more are all now integral parts to the experience, so you’ll want to know what you’re up against before venturing past their gates.

To unlock the Dark Zone in The Division 2, you’ll have to level up the game’s first settlement, The Theater, to level three. Once it’s there, you’ll receive a new recruit, Senait Ezera, who gives you the mission to unlock the Dark Zone. Dark Zone East is the first region you’ll gain access to. It’s the lowest level and easiest of The Division 2’s three Dark Zones. It has both the lowest level players (from levels 10-19) and AI enemies. Come to now, you can Buy TD2 Credits with fast delivery and 100% safety.

Players cannot start the game, do a few story missions, and then gain access to the Dark Zone. It takes a bit longer than that for it to unlock. First, you have to upgrade the Theater settlement to its fourth level. You'll do this by completing projects assigned to you, which you can keep track of at the White House projects table or the one at the Theater. Once you reach the Theater's fourth level, and you're at level 10, you should have the chance to speak to Senait Ezera. She'll join your crew at the White House, and you'll receive a recon mission to scout out the first Dark Zone area.

The first Dark Zone that one will gain access to in The Division 2 is DZ East. It’s going to be the lowest level of the PvPvE arenas in the third-person shooter, and therefore the easiest of the game’s three different Dark Zones. This area should contain players that range from Levels 10 to 19, as well as different AI enemies.To start, one will be tasked with heading to the DZ East Main Entrance, which is marked on the map with a gate icon. They ought to be guided by waypoints to open the Dark Zone’s gate and extract a weapon therein. When completed, the full DZ East map and all of its entrances should be unlocked.

After you unlock DZ East, the rest is fairly simple. Well, that's relative. You should now be aware of the DZ South mission, which will result in the unlocking of that Dark Zone. After that, you will essentially repeat the same process with DZ West - receive mission, complete it, Dark Zone unlocked! Luckily, the missions that you complete along the way when unlocking The Division 2's Dark Zones help you gain a better understanding as to what you can expect in these PvPvE areas. Just be sure to keep leveling up, acquiring the best gear you can, and get ready to have some fun.

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