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mmocs | 17 August, 2018 01:00

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands Credits There’s a new group of operators in Bolivia. Following up their much-praised Splinter Cell crossover Ghost Recon has added a new bonus mission that features the Ghost Recon Wildlands squad teaming up with some of the operators from Rainbow Six Siege. This new mission is codenamed Operation: Archangel. Here’s our guide to beating the new crossover.

Nomad will then contact Bowman who tells the team that she thinks she knows what this is. One of Rainbow’s operators Caveira has gone rogue and is taking out Santa Blanca members in Bolivia. After a quick introduction to Valkyrie another Rainbow operator the team is tasked with heading to Caimanes Echo to rendezvous with Twitch and continue the search.

You can either drive or fast travel to the outpost where you’ll find Twitch looking over some documents. She’ll ask for you to take her to the crash site so she can investigate.Buy Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands Credits It’s kind of a long drive so we recommend using the chopper that spawns at the outpost to get there faster. When you arrive back at the crash site Twitch will take a moment to investigate before confirming that this is Caveira’s handiwork.She finds a GPS locator in the truck that points you towards a cartel base in the nearby province of La Cruz. This is your next destination so hop back in the chopper and head out.

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