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mmocs | 28 June, 2018 00:08

Merge Dragons Dragon Gems The hearts that you end up creating are referred to as Life Essence. There’s no need to use the Life Essence you’re given right away since matching them together is a more viable tactic. Pull off a match of three of those items and you’ll be gifted with a much more helpful Life Orb. Life Orbs are a lot more effective when it comes to its healing properties. Merging Life Orbs grants you even stronger healing powers too!

You can practically match up any object you lay eyes on. Simple merges that utilize three items may be worth doing at times but matches of five are super beneficial in the long run. Matching three objects grants you one item while matching five objects will gift you with a bonus item for your efforts. This process does a better job of leveling up your items at a faster rate. Some of the items that you can merge includes Coins Stone Bricks Goal Stars Dragon Stars Dragon Gems Treasure Chests etc.

Birthing Dragons is done by merging three eggs. When you create a Dragon items come from their creation. Dragons are great for healing random pieces of Dead Land.Buy Merge Dragons Dragon Gems So here’s the process that results from Dragon crafting – merging three eggs gives you a new Dragon who in turn gives you an item that can be used for further matching and so on and so on. You can double-tap an object to quickly send a dragon to harvest from it or simply destroy it by the way.

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