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mmocs | 23 March, 2018 21:39

Forza Horizon 3 Credits Constantly waiting for updates on my PlayStation 4 when I don have the time or luxury to play has been the bane of my gaming life since I purchased it. Now that we are looking at a reboot of this gen of consoles leaves me even colder as I know my normal 500GB PlayStation 4 fat probably won see its potential used to its fullest and will die sooner than expected consigned to the fires of silicon hell. I mean at least all the calculators get to go to silicon heaven!

You start the game zipping around a segment of Colorado in a bid to secure a slot for the Horizon Festival a collection of events for racers. Unfortunately you won't see Steamboat Pagosa Springs Durango or Colorado Springs Air Force Academy!but you will get a chance to speed through Red Rock and Carson among other towns and areas. You'll get your chance to do some racing at the Horizon Festival but these races are far from ordinary.

Dishonored 2With a staggering amount of lore and fresh locales to uncover Dishonored 2 isn't simply a case of having more for the sake of it but in a direction that's warranted.Buy Forza Horizon 3 Credits The story that has you choosing between two characters each of whom has unique abilities. Violent and stealth options to finishing missions return as do the first game's assassination missions. Playground Games offers a different take on racing though. Instead of a straight sim Forza Horizon goes the open world route. Not focused on fastest laps times and tweaking rides the game takes a more casual approach as players head to Colorado where they take part in the Horizon Festival.


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mmocs | 23 March, 2018 00:50

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