Fallout 76 replacement bags will be shipped within 4-6 months

mmocs | 18 December, 2018 23:13

Fallout 76 is a comedy of errors, but one thing that seemed to be getting corrected was the snafu with the duffle bag included in the collector's edition. After advertising it as a canvas bag, buyers were greeted with an incredibly cheap nylon bag that was nothing like the image on the website and box. Bethesda swore to make it better to users by offering replacement bags, but I don't think people were expecting a long wait.

According to players who have received messages from Bethesda, it’ll be about 4-6 months before these bags start shipping out to those waiting for them. A copy-paste of the email players have been receiving revealed the timeframe for the delivery.

From Bethesda’s point of view, they might view the people that have stuck around through all the negativity and bad reviews as potential targets for these kinds of microtransactions. If anyone is going to pay for boosts or perks or power, it might be this hardcore group, so you might as well try, because what’s a little more bad press for what is already viewed as the most disastrous release of the year? Keep in mind that this was a big, big project for Bethesda, one they’ve spent at least four years on, and it’s supposed to be a big holiday title for them. Sales are likely not what they want after the generally terrible reception for the game, so they have to try to squeeze money out of it another way. Buy Cheap FO76 Caps from gain a 3% discount by using the code “MMOCSVIP”.

Fallout 76 does give players some amount of Atoms while they navigate the world of Fallout 76, and early reports even suggested that these rates were pretty generous. While that might be true of the early game, by the time players reach Fallout 76's end-game content, the free Atoms begin to become much more scarce. The reaction to the new item pricing might be influenced by the fact that this is the first wave of them that many dedicated players will likely need to spend real money on.

Once players have had their request for a replacement bag validated – which is proving difficult enough – they’re receiving email confirmation that lets them know they’ve been approved for a “new canvas bag once it has been manufactured,” and to “allow 4-6 months for manufacturing and delivery.” In the interim, eligible customers are being offered 500 Atoms.

Fallout 76 awards players with Atoms during the course of gameplay, but these free Atoms begin to dry up after you hit endgame. So for many players, the price of these items is how much real-world money it'll cost to buy them.

Burtethead’s creation was also only made permanent thanks to recent fixes to Fallout 76’s building system. Previously, players never knew whether the campsite they’d spent hours building up would still be there when they logged back into the game. If the spot where they’d built it was already taken by someone else when joining a new server, their camp would automatically be broken apart and put back into storage. Burtethead notes that this exact thing happened to them early on in the creation of their Monorail bungalow.


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