The controls to 8 Ball Pool are pretty intuitive

mmocs | 30 November, 2018 04:09

8 Ball Pool is a 2D pool game from Miniclip, quite similar to the one that was available on Yahoo Games (web) before, as that game was quite popular back in the day. In any case, this game lets you compete one-on-one against people from all over the world, or you can try out your skills in an 8-player tournament. You can customize your cue and table if you want, and you can win coins by winning matches, and climb the rankings. Those coins can be spent in the Pool Shop on new items.

The controls to 8 Ball Pool are pretty intuitive. When it’s your turn, you control your cue by swiping your finger to align the cue with the cue ball. There’s an alignment guide that helps you dial in your angle to impact your target ball to your intended pocket. You can also touch a cue icon that brings up a larger face of your cue ball, allowing you touch placement of your intended “English” on the ball when you strike it. Lastly, there is a power meter to the left. Simply pull back and release at the point where you think the prime power level is.

The arcade pool game made its worldwide debut today on iOS, and it shows that lone developers can still be players in the ever-expanding mobile market. Come to now, you can buy 8 Ball Pool Coins with fast delivery and 100% safety. Mobile games are a $70 billion market, accounting for about half of the global $137.9 billion game market, according to market researcher Newzoo.

Ideal if you do not have a table at home, with 8 Ball Pool you can pool a game wherever you are. The game has been one of the most installed apps for years, and that is not surprising, because the gameplay works foolishly on the touchscreen of your smartphone. The goal of the game is simple, just a game of pooling. Fortunately, it is a bit easier in the game than in real life, so a game takes a maximum of a few minutes. You can also play this game against your friends, which makes it extra fun.

You can even challenge your friends on Facebook or via the Miniclip account straight from the game. It will also allow you to level up via the 8 Ball Pool leveling system by always getting into a challenge. Moreover, it is possible to increase your ranking via matches and gain access to some more exclusive match locations. Thus, you should be able to play with the best Pool players.


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