The 5 Best FIFA 19 Premier League Strikers

mmocs | 05 November, 2018 03:18

The Premier League is home to some of the best players in the world. FIFA 19 Premier League strikers in particular are historically known to be fast, intelligent and genuine goal poachers, leaving no stone unturned in the hope that a goal might be possible. In FIFA19 FUT mode, the striker as an important attacking role on the pitch to score, he is the stronger, the match is the better, and the scoring rate is the portrayal of its ability. Today, we will offer you some help. We'll bring you 5 FIFA19 best strongest strikers recommendation and attribute analysis.

Real No.1 Striker - RONALDO

I believe that the best striker in the world in most people's minds belongs to Ronaldo, who uses his superb skills to penetrate each other's goals again and again. He is a perfect interpreter of what is called a striker. His goals are full of artistic sense, but with some unique enthusiasm of Brazil. Ronaldo has the top five stars in both skill moves and weak foot, superb pace, perfect shooting, he is a perfect impeccable forward,  with an average of 1.1 goals and 0.34 assists each game.

Great Legendary King - PELE

The only legendary soccer player in the world who has won three World Cups has scored 1283 goals in 1366 career matches, averaging 0.99 goals and 0.4 assists per game. In the game, Pele's attributes are almost excellent, 98 overall rating is highest in the game, in addition to strength and defensive slightly weak, can't find any shortcomings.

Best Cheap striker - WERNER

Werner is one of the most practical strikers in the Bundesliga. Furthermore, you can get him with a very cheap price about 3.4K. The high pace rating reaches 93 is his strongest ability, shooting in the penalty area is also quite excellent, and 83 good stamina. The shortcoming is lack of good long shot ability and weak strength. The attack mentality has also made him lively on the pitch. According to statistics, Werner scored 0.64 goals and 0.35 assists in each game.

Real Madrid legend player - BUTRAGUENO

Butragueno is a thinking player. His judgment of the line and his quick rush make him the most dangerous killer in the restricted area. 92 attributes in the legendary star is not most prominent, but 5-star weak foot, excellent speed, dribbling, shooting ability, and excellent stamima, making him a famous FIFA 19 Frontline killer. The average scores 1 goal and 0.37 assists each game.

Most Cost Effective Forward - HIGUAIN

Higuain, whose score is as high as 88, only needs about 38K, which is close to the level of SBC card. Higuain attributes are actually good, 73 speed is not high, but also barely able to use, shooting is very good, only penalties are weak, passing ability is relatively weak, strength is good, but the lack of stamina is his greatest shortcoming, it is difficult to sustain the past 90 minutes of the game. Generally speaking, Higuain belongs to a strong forward, with good shooting and strong body. Average scored 0.68 goals, assists 0.3.

That’s all about FIFA 19 Premier League Strikers, they all have their own characteristic advantages and disadvantages. You can make choice according to certain situation. If you are looking for the cheapest FIFA 19 coins to buy your favorite players or complete the game match and best goalkeeper, please consider Follow our site, more latest FIFA 19 news will be updated for you.


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